Return to the “Scene of Crime”

This is where it all started… Italy!

I joined Twitter early last year and started to follow a few people that seemed interesting. Some were social media people, others were sharing my personal interests such as photography. I got connected with a small number of them fast, exchanged a few personal messages and soon clicked so much that when an offer was made to join a photo workshop in Italy, I just sighed: “Oh, I wish..” However, Jeffrey Chapman – the “Twitter friend” assured me, that it does not matter if I am a complete amateur or a pro, it does not matter what “gear” I have, I can join the team, so I decided I would pluck up some courage and send in my application…

That was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! We had the time of our life in Liguria and Cinque Terre with a small group of really special people that could not have been better “chosen” – a company of individuals from around the world with a pretty high emotional and social IQ to act like we had been friends for years…

David duChemin and Jeffrey Chapman were leading the IWTF – Italy Within The Frame – workshop that forever “changed a chip in me” regarding photography as a friend of mine said having seen my pictures before and after that workshop!

This year I returned to the scene of crime with my husband to immerse him in the atmosphere of Tuscany and “crowned” our trip with a brief visit to Cinque Terre… Having seen what I had been ranting and raving about, all he said was: “Next time THAT is where we come, and spend at least two weeks here!” Now, that is the ultimate praise coming from the mouth of a Norwegian man!

The weirdest part of this experience was of course “revisiting” those places where we were shooting together last May. Yet, as you know, you can never step into the same river! My images taken this time in Liguria should soon be forgotten – it seems that this year was about finding some photo stories in Tuscany, where we spent a whole week. We booked ourselves into a secluded farmhouse in the hills of Montecarlo,  surrounded only by vineyards, olives and cypress trees, and visited regularly by wild boars in the night… We were also perfectly positioned to make day trips to Lucca, Pisa, Firenze – and even Cinque Terre!

Having now processed most of my images during recent trips to Italy, India and Norway, I could no longer resist putting this website together mostly for the simple joy of sharing my travel experiences, and nevertheless presenting my fledgling portfolio to be tested by the most critical audience – YOU, the “Blog Reader”..

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I welcome your comments on my posts and portfolio, even your objective critique, determined to grow as a person and master my vision and this craft – travel and cultural photography..





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