Limited or launched by creativity?

I entered a One Life Photography Competition and submitted a series of images…

As a participant I was given special promotions including a professional post-production software, and needless to say, I immediately jumped to see what FX Photo Studio Pro is capable of..

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. I must admit that I am far from being a big fan of PhotoShop when it is used to drastically manipulate and alter images, and when I realized that this software is also offering features to alter the images and turn them into “fine art”, I became a bit reluctant to experiment… However I started to play – naively as a child does – with the different options and applied them to some of my pictures from Lofoten, Norway that I took this July. The results were intruiging..

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Here is an example:

  The original…







The charcoal…







   The old canvas…







Well, I agree that the charcoal version is not terribly successful..
. however in other cases it was quite “fresh”! All in all, as I was sifting through my pictures to figure which one would create the story of the “old Norway on canvas” I ended up with nearly a hundred “paintings” that were consistent in style, texture and “age”. Yet, something was constantly bothering me in the process… I started asking myself the underlying question: am I eating the forbidden fruit here? Am I crossing some borders that a “real photographer” would never? Is this the blasphemy of landscape photography? Or am I just limiting myself with what is “rightly done”, not allowing myself to be launched on an unexpected venture and bravely create a “photo-painting-album” of “Norway on Canvas”?

The landscape in Northern Norway with its light and man forsaken atmosphere as a theme is more than conducive to be the subject of such experiments, don’t you think so? Here I am dying to know what you REALLY believe: is this cheat and cheap, or exciting and liberating? Condemn me or congratulate me on this idea… The discussion is wide open!



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